Kim Bennett holds a Bachelors of Art from Vermont College in creative writing and worked as a Hollywood film editor for nearly two decades.  She also worked as a clothing designer and had her own vintage clothing line, which was sold in over 150 retail stores through out the United States. Kimberley’s photography has been sold, rented and featured in a solo art show at the Rental Gallery at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as well as other retail stores and galleries.


Recently, Kimberley has become passionately “obsessed” with the process of creating mosaic collages in a folk art technique called Pique Assiette.  The French term roughly translates as “one who eats from other’s plates.”  Drawing upon her many years as a film editor, Kimberley looks for a “story” to inspire each project by collecting antique and vintage china, pottery, figurines, plates, buttons, glass, and anything that can be grouted to into a decorative arrangement.  Bringing various elements together from scouring flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales, junkyards, and generous gifts from friends, Kim incorporates beloved materials into distinctive works of art in ways that are surprisingly unforeseen. Kim works and resides with her family in Southern California. In addition to the sales of her original artwork, Kim is available for commissioned pieces upon request. kimneybennett@yahoo.com